If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if there’s some deep, dark conspiracy afoot when it comes to the manufacture and approval of prescription drugs then maybe you’d like to learn what Obama’s just done.

It basically proves the theory pharmaceutical companies control their own destiny correct.

Obama decided to use his last months in office to appoint Dr. Robert Califf as the next head of the FDA when once present commissioner Margaret Hamburg steps down in March.

The biggest issue here is Califf is one of the largest lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry in the nation.

Time News writes:

Califf is widely respected in the public and private sectors, but his candidacy is seen by some as a threat to the independence and authority of the FDA, thanks to his views on the need to accelerate change and his deep financial and intellectual ties to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

“Califf says his salary is contractually underwritten in part by several large pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Novartis. He also receives as much as $100,000 a year in consulting fees from some of those companies, and from others, according to his 2014 conflict of interest disclosure.”

From 2006 to 2015, Califf worked for Faculty Connection, a company which provides ‘regulatory consulting’ for the medical industry. In other words, its services are designed to help pharmaceutical companies and others within the industry sidestep federal regulations.

Califf is certainly a champion for deregulation of the drug industry. One of his stated goals is to bring the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory agencies closer so that new drugs can gain approval more quickly and easily.

He defends his ties to the industry, saying that it would be “useful to have someone [leading the FDA] who understands how companies operate because you’re interacting with them all the time.”

This is just another instance where the people who are tasked with the defense of the nation are actually the ones who are likely to do the most damage. This is obviously because their interests lie with benefitting their handlers and not the people of this country.

Think about it, when someone makes a substantial amount of money helping billion dollar companies isn’t their a conflict of interest?

The answer is obvious, of course there is.

There’s extensive evidence to support the claim collusion between the FDA and big pharma exists; and what you’re seeing with this appointment bolsters those claims further.

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