Heather Askinosie specializes in crystal healing. She recommends an aura-cleansing massage, which utilizes two stones: releasing Obsidian and soothing Angelite. The black Obsidian clears negative energy – what Askinosie calls “psychic smog” – from your aura. Angelite suffuses your energy body with calming vibrations; it relieves tension and stress and encourages healing. This “stone of the angels” connects you with the angelic realm, so you can feel protected and safe. The two complementary energies of the crystals restore harmony and balance, and rejuvenate and relax you.

Aura-Cleansing Massage Ritual

What you will need:

1 Angelite crystal sized to fit into the palm of your hand – Angelite is considered a powerful healing stone that brings soothing, calming energies.
1 Obsidian crystal sized to fit in the palm of your hand – Black Obsidian supports the release of negativity and removes stagnant energy.
A close companion to help you with your massage
A white candle
A vessel with 1 cup of rock salt poured into it
A sage stick, feather, and abalone shell to hold ashes from the sage

Ritual Steps:

Smudge the area with sage to cleanse the crystals.

Hold the Angelite and Obsidian in your hands and request that they be cleared of any previous energy. Say three times: “I program these crystals to facilitate light, healing and transformation. Please release all negative programming on a cellular level and transmute it into the light. Absorb pain, sadness, anger, fear, and anything that no longer serves my highest good. Raise my vibration to a higher frequency so I can heal and connect to who I truly am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Light the flame of your white candle with the intention of connecting with your angels who will help you raise your vibration.

Keep the bowl of salt close by, as you hold an Angelite in your left hand and the Obsidian stone in your right hand.

Rub the stones all over your body as if you are washing your body with a bar of soap. This is the process of washing away, cleansing, and healing yourself of anything that no longer services, creating a vaccuum for more light to come into your energy body and aura.

Have your companion take the Angelite stone in the left hand and the Obsidian in the right in hand, and rub your back, neck, and shoulders. Together, visualize the stones as a bar of soap washing away, cleansing, and healing your energetic.

Do steps 5 and 6 for 3 to 11 minutes.

Once you finish the massage, throw the salt and the energy that it absorbed into the toilet and flush it away.

Extinguish your candle.

Repeat this ritual for 7, 14, or 21 consequent days. Seven is the number of healing. Follow your intuition as to how many days are necessary for you to feel the cleansing and healing effects.