Just released, another study associating coffee consumption and a lower risk of mortality.

Previous studies have shown coffee is quite effective at helping reduce the chances of developing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, depression, and more.

Now, a ten year study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, shows drinking in excess of 4 cups of coffee (both caffeinated and decaf) can help you live longer, confirming similar findings on the subject.

So what is it about coffee that makes it effective at pro-longing life? Dr. Erikka Loftfield, the study’s lead author, said it’s the natural compounds inside of coffee that give it life-extending properties. “Coffee contains numerous biologically active compounds, including phenolic acids, potassium, and caffeine,” she said.

To come to this conclusion Loftfield and her partners reviewed data culled from 90,000 patients who had no prior history of cardiovascular disease or cancer. Going over 10 years worth of patient’s medical records they also assessed the study’s subjects coffee drinking habits.

What they found was the more coffee the subjects drank, the lower heir mortality rate was.

8,700 of the 90,000 participants in the study were deceased at the end of the study. Paying attention to the coffee drinking habits they ruled conclusively those that drank the most coffee were the least likely to die. This was true across the board after they factored in lifestyle choices as well as tobacco use.

The ones who fared best were those who drank four to five cups of coffee.

The team also discovered drinking coffee also cut down on the chances the subjects would succumb to coditions and disease like influenza, pneumonia, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease and even suicide.

One of the things about the study that did surprise the researchers? They weren’t able to replicate the findings provided by several other studies which proved cancer was kept at bay by drinking coffee.

Loftifield said, “Although coffee drinking has also been inversely associated with incidence of certain cancers, like liver, in epidemiological studies, we did not observe an association between coffee and overall cancer mortality…This may be because coffee reduces mortality risk for some cancers but not others.”

A growing body of evidence continues to prove coffee is a “superfood.”

They phytonutrient and antioxidant content of coffee is what continues to push coffee to the front of the list of known superfoods and studies like this one confirm its claim to superfood status.