Many exercises can strengthen the triceps and reduce the appearance of bat wings. Our step-by-step instructions explain how to tone arms at home or in the gym.

Many people have excess fat and low muscle tone in the upper arms. A person may notice the skin in this area starting to wobble or droop. Some people refer to this as having “bat wings.”

The main muscles in the upper arm are the triceps and biceps. The biceps are at the front of the arm, and the triceps are at the back.

The triceps are often the weaker of the two because the body does not use them as directly in lifting or carrying.

Strengthening the triceps can reduce the appearance of bat wings. However, to make a lasting difference, a person may need to make broader changes to their exercise routine and diet.

What causes bat wings?

Bat wings are more common in older adults and people who are overweight.

As the body ages, muscle tone diminishes, but many exercises can restore this tone.

Different people carry weight in different areas. Bat wings can result from excess weight in the upper arms.

Targeted exercises can help to reduce weight in this area, though a person is likely to experience more satisfying results from a full-body workout.