You may have heard health experts touting the virtue of bone broth. In fact, you may have tried it yourself. Should you consider embarking on a bone broth fast?

There are a number of benefits to drinking bone broth, which provides a concentrated source of calming amino acids and joint-friendly collagen. People who do the fast report improved digestion, higher energy, increased mental clarity, and better skin.

Here is the protocol for a bone broth fast:

1. Consume three to four quarts of bone broth several times a day, usually for two to four days (recipe in Part Two of this series).
2. Avoid solid food (barring a medical reason). In particular, avoid refined grains, trans fats and sugar, which all trigger inflammation.
3. Hydrate with water or herbal tea. When you are hungry, snack on cooked or raw fruits or vegetables between servings of broth.
4. Abstain from intense exercise.

When you have completed the fast, eat some probiotics, including fermented foods, to replace the healthy bacteria in your gut.

So for whom is a bone broth fast most beneficial?

Pretty much anyone can benefit. Human beings have been consuming bone broth since they began to cook over fire. Thousands of years ago, almost every part of an animal was used by our ancestors. The bones, marrow, feet, tendons and ligaments all provided nutrition for early man.

Freshly prepared bone broth offers amino acids, minerals, collagen and electrolytes. These are available in a completely natural form, and are thus very easy to absorb. Bone broth is particularly useful for people with leaky gut syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. It is also helpful in cases of food allergies, joint pain, low energy and poor digestion.

Bone broth’s amino acids have an anti-aging effect. They support muscle strength, control blood sugar levels, and help in the synthesizing of human growth hormone. It pushes nutrients into cells to boost energy.

Pregnant women and people who are underweight should not engage in a bone broth fast. If you are taking medication, consult your doctor. Bone broth has an advantage over other fasts in that it prevents dehydration and protects muscle.