Some of the easiest ways to lose weight have absolutely nothing to do with crazy diets, extreme workouts, or going to the doctor to get a prescription for the newest pharmaceutical.

And most any physician will agree with the following. Almost anything you can do naturally to boost your metabolism has a great chance of helping you lose weight in a hurry.

If you’d like to start losing weight and by boosting your metabolism naturally then read the following 8 tips and begin to incorporate them into your daily life as quickly as possible.

The results will likely be better than expected.

1. Stand up while working: Most people in the U.S. have to sit while they work. Sitting is a passive activity that does little to challenge your body’s musculature and cardiovascular system. By standing up at work (facilitated with a stand up desk) it activates muscles that’ll boost your metabolism.

2. Get caffeinated: Whether you’re drinking tea, or coffee, caffeine produces an effect on the metabolism known as thermogenesis, and this affect helps boost metabolism. The effects of caffeine are pretty positive. “One study reported that caffeine after exercise increased muscle glycogen by 66 percent, allowing endurance athletes to quickly replenish energy stores used in exercise.”  Just make sure what you drink has no added sugar or all the effects will be mitigated quickly.

3. Take probiotics: A healthy gut is vital to a speedy metabolism. Efficient digestion allows the body to regulate itself better and probiotics ensure efficient digestion, In fact “one study found that 12 weeks of probiotic intake increased weight loss in women when compared to placebo group and the women continue to lose weight during the 12 week maintenance period.”

4. Add spice to the mix:  Hot foods have a peculiar ability. They’re able to enhance metabolism. That’s part of the reason you sweat so much when you eat spicy food. This thermogenic affect is found in many different spices, but some of the best foods to add into the diet are peppers as a chemical known as capsaicin help get your metabolism going quickly.

5. Drink water before you eat: Studies have found your body shuttles the water where it’s needed, and since it’s zero calorie and this requires work on your body’s part it boosts the metabolism. A study even proved that when people drink two glasses of water before every meal it can lead to a net loss of 15.5 pounds over a three month period.

6. Eat smaller meals: Small meals are easier to digest and leave you with an appetite. That hunger you feel can actually translate into an increased metabolic rate. Not only that, but smaller meals equal less calories and that’s extremely helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

7. Watch out for your phone: This might come as a shock, the light from your phone might actually make you hungrier. A Northwestern University determined the light emitted from phones and computers actually will increase hunger as well as negatively affecting glucose metabolism

8. Eat organic: Not only is the decision to eat organic better for your overall health, it has the added benefit of helping increase metabolism. This is because many of the pesticides and toxins found on conventional foods can negatively affect your metabolic rate.

Try these out and see if it helps you lose weight.

Just make sure not to replace good practices with bad ones and you should seem positive results.