There aren’t that many people in America with Celiac’s disease (a true, and debilitating allergy to gluten); that doesn’t change the fact more and more people want to go gluten free because sensitivity, or just because they want to see if it helps them feel better.

Part of the problem with going gluten free is learning how to cook and bake without using gluten.

People spend a lot of time scouring the shelves looking for suitable gluten free flours they can use as a substitute in their recipes.

If you’re one of these people then you might love learning about tapioca flour.

Tapioca flour is from the cassava root. Refined to resemble refined white flour, it’s 100% gluten free which bodes well for many kinds of diet types.

Take a look and see why people love it:

1 – It’s completely non-allergenic: There is nothing about tapioca flour people with food allergies need to worry about. One of the bigger problems for people who go gluten free deal with is they generally find out they’re allergic to other kinds of food types too.

For example, a lot of people who discover they’re allergic to gluten might also learn they’re allergic to coconut or almond (both gluten free flours). Since it’s non-allergenic it can easily be included in recipes.

2 – It’s a source of healthy carbs: Tapioca flour is nothing but carbohydrates, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Tapioca flour is made of complex carbohydrates, a good carb. This carb structure allows for slow, extended release of energy. They also won’t cause your blood glucose and insulin levels to climb dramatically which can help with weight management and hormone balance.

3 – It’s beneficial for hear health: Tapioca flour contains several minerals in it which are vital for heart health.

One of the main heart-healthy minerals it contains is iron, which plays a key role in circulatory and heart health. It also possesses trace amounts of copper – both iron and copper work together to create new red blood cells, which are vital for circulatory health.

So the direct health benefits associated with consuming tapioca (particularly the increase in new red blood cells) help your heart “fire on all cylinders.”  New red blood cells are able to carry tons of oxygen to your peripheral organ systems and extremities, ensuring they’re “fed” so you can take care of business as needed. Another thing healthy new red blood cells do is help your body grow at the cellular level, which essentially helps you heal and stay in stasis.

One other benefit associated with all that oxygen bound to your red blood cells is increased energy and added endurance for strenuous exercise.

Bear in mind, if you were to eat properly cooked and unrefined cassava, the heart-healthy nutrient profile would be much, much higher than what you see in tapioca flour; the refinement process strips it of many of the nutrients you would find in the whole plant. But of all the nutrients found in tapioca flour, copper and iron provide the best direct benefits for your body.

4 – It’s Non GMO: This is a huge reason to start using tapioca flour, especially considering how many forms of gluten are GMO.

To date there are no known GMO versions of tapioca flour for cooking, meaning when you use this ingredient you’re able to take control over your health in a way most other ingredients don’t allow.